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Q. How much do legal services cost?

A.  It depends on the type of case, case complexity, and the issues and parties involved. The question is impossible to answer with any degree of certainty until the attorney and client meet to discuss all matters involved in the case. The majority of R&P cases are handled on an hourly rate basis. After the first meeting between the attorney and client, the attorney will quote his or her fee and the legal services agreement will be reduced to a contract between the attorney and client so that the client is fully advised and aware of the attorneys billing practices. An estimate of total fees and expenses can also be provided to the client.

Q. Your office is in Edmond. Do you serve other communities?

A.  Absolutely. Our attorneys have clients and court cases in localities all across the state of Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Q. Can I Copyright/Trademark my idea?

A. No, ideas are protected by patents. Brands and names are protected by Trademarks. Creative expression is protected by copyright. Contact our office to set up a meeting with our attorneys to discuss your issues further.

Q. How long will it take to resolve this matter?

A. The answer varies on a case-by case basis.  Some issues can be resolved rather quickly, while others may take a significant amount of time. No two cases are alike.

Q. What issues need to be considered when forming a business?

A. The purpose of the business, the legal structure needed to maximize tax benefits, and liability protection. Planning for the survival of the business in the event of retirement, death, or sale by one or more owners. Agreements between partners is also an important topic for discussion as to issues such as entity operation, management, distribution of profits, and buy-outs. These are just a few of the issues involved in business formation.

Q. How does your firm work? What can I expect?

A.  We strive to work efficiently for each client’s particular needs. We obtain all information that we believe is necessary to help our clients.  We keep our clients informed throughout our representation and we promptly  return phone calls and emails.  We strive to meet or exceed expectations.   

Q. How does a land use case proceed?

A. Some clients might learn that their property is subject to a land use (or zoning) restriction by receiving a letter from a local government authority advising them of a potential problem. Other clients might receive notice that their building materials or design fail to comply with restrictive covenants. To address these problems, we review the local rules, ordinances and property restrictions that govern such a use in the particular area. Once the relevant rules are analyzed, we work with the client to come up with a plan of action.

We are dedicated to finding creative solutions for all your legal needs.

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