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Estate Planning

While it may be a difficult issue to address, estate planning is an important step you can take to protect the interests of your family. A well prepared estate plan will help you ensure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are taken care of once you're gone. If you pass away without a plan in place, your family members may be left to sort out the mess in court.


Probate administration is the process by which an estate’s financial affairs are wrapped up and the estate’s assets distributed to beneficiaries and heirs. It is complex and time-consuming process that the attorneys at Rubenstein & Pitts are dedicated to resolving in efficient and cost-effective ways. Our services are designed to complete the probate process in a timely manner, so that the estate’s assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the will. Our attorneys take the time to explain the duties of the personal representative, prepare and file petition for the letters testamentary with the District Court, assist the personal representative with their various duties, identify problems that could complicate the process, assist with the distribution of assets and prepare and file final documents with the court. Rubenstein & Pitts attorneys work diligently to complete the probate process in an efficient manner, so that the estate’s assets can be distributed to beneficiaries and heirs as quickly as possible.