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Civil Litigation

A civil litigation attorney will take you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a non-criminal lawsuit. An attorney can also advise you on whether your case is best suited for court, or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. A few examples of civil litigation include:  Contract disputes, family law/divorce, personal injury, debt collection and real estate disputes.

Intellectual Property

Our legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property. Intellectual property refers to any unique idea or creation by individuals themselves. Rights and protections for owners of intellectual property are based on federal patent, trademark and copyright laws, and state trade secret laws. In general, patents protect inventions of tangible things; copyrights protect various forms of written and artistic expression; and trademarks protect a name or symbol that identifies the source of goods or services. Rubenstein & Pitts is an established law firm in the Oklahoma City metro area that provides legal defense to corporations, insurance carriers, small businesses and individuals for all intellectual property matters. Our attorneys combine years of legal experience with their understanding of laws and technical issues involved in intellectual property cases to best serve our clients. Whatever the intellectual property dispute might involve, our clients can be confident in knowing that they are being represented by an experienced attorney.

Infringement Claims

Often preceded by a cease a desist letter, businesses and individuals may initiate a claim for trademark or copyright infringement demanding that a person or business stop the alleged unauthorized use of a trademark or copyright. When our clients are accused of infringement and receive this type of letter, our attorneys promptly investigate the copyright and infringement claims, assess any potential liability, and draft appropriate responses.

Mediation and Negotiation

When handling infringement claims, Rubenstein & Pitts attorneys focus on resolving disputes as quickly as possible, limiting exposure, and containing the costs associated with these types of actions. Our attorneys are sometimes able to settle these claims through negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. When a case cannot be effectively resolved in this manner and litigation becomes necessary, we are ready to defend our clients at all stages of the litigation process. Our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers with decades of experience defending clients in federal and state courts, including all levels of appeals.